We are looking for 4 groups of travelers (2 from the United States and 2 from Europe), with 3-4 participants in each group, carrying weatherHYDE for travel, such as on roadtrips, festivals or camping for 1 week in June-July. We will provide you with a weatherHYDE tent to use and to keep after the campaign, but all costs related to the trip will be yours.

What is in it for you?

  • A chance to engage in a social mission of providing shelters to the homeless together with a one-of-a-kind non-profit 
  • An opportunity to learn the marketing business both online and on-ground
  • A firsthand experience on a new ground-breaking product
  • A chance to generate material for your professional portfolio
  • The group with the most likes/ views/ retweets for all its posts on all its social media pages together wins $500
  • The group with the most pre-orders wins $500 

What is in it for us?

We expect you to generate valuable marketing material for us to use across all our social media channels and on our website, and to collect pre-orders for weatherHYDE tents. Each day you will generate (at a minimum):

  • 3 Facebook Live videos of you using the tent (approx. 30 seconds in landscape format)
  • 10 photos of the tent in its context and/ or being used (min. 300 dpi)
  • One video-recorded testimonial on your experience of the tent (approx. 30 seconds in landscape format with the tent in the frame)
  • One video of your installation of the tent (in landscape format, only one video is necessary during your trip if you only install it once)

If you are interested, please contact aasa@billionbricks.org with a short motivation of 100 words, 3 of your best travel photos and the plan and dates of your trip.

 The deadline for applications is EXTENDED to the 21st of May, and the winners of the two prizes will be announced the 7th of August.