WeatherHYDE Wayfarers

With the help of the WeatherHYDE Wayfarers, Olivia Rosen, Sarah Guinee and Morgan Finegan, who were selected through a nationwide search, billionBricks is reaching out to a larger audience to be able to provide even more homeless with protection against extreme weather.

These adventurous Wayfarers are making a road trip across the United States, from New Hampshire to Washington, starting the 13th of June spanning 14 states. The three freshly graduated Dartmouth College students will be camping with their own weatherHYDE tent on top of sky-rises enjoying amazing city views, using it at hip music and arts festivals, and, setting it up by fresh lake sides and in several colorful national parks with unique wildlife; all while sharing their experience on social media. It will be a one-in-a-lifetime adventure with the potential of helping billions of homeless.

Follow their adventures on Instagram starting Tuesday, 13th June 2017!