16may2016 Poster WeatherHYDE-01 - Copy (2).jpg
16may2016 Poster WeatherHYDE-01 - Copy (2).jpg


the wEATHERproof solution



the wEATHERproof solution



The design being low-tech and simple enables self-deployment. Its colourful, customizable aesthetics distinguish this shelter. Its functionality ensures flexible use and reuse as an emergency shelter, a temporary home, or even a comfortable camping tent. 

weatherHYDE is adaptable to different weather conditions year round. The innovative use of Mylar makes the weatherHYDE easily adaptable to different climates.

During cold winters, the reflective layer traps a family's body heat to keep them warm.

Removing the door panels allows for a breeze, while still protected from the rain.

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On a sunny day, the skin can be easily reversed (which takes less than 5 minutes) to reflect solar heat radiation.

When it gets really hot, the skin can be peeled open. All you need are 4 poles to span the roof like a canopy



weatherHYDE measures 1,5 by 1,8m and has a maximum height of 1,6m. The minimum inner height is 0,75m. Packaged weight is 12kg.

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Accompanying information is currently available in English, Hindi and Nepali.

This video shows the first sample being set up by a single person in less than 15 minutes.



Focused on delivering a user friendly, durable product, we adapted our design over and over again. Finally we can offer you an innovative solution that bridges the gap for winter proof shelters.