Oil Paintings by Oormila Prahlad

Oil Paintings by Oormila Prahlad


A 6-painting series that represents sanctuary, stability, refuge and belonging; done by Oormila for billionBricks in January 2015.

“It was truly inspiring to know about bB’s vision to give homeless people a chance at bettering their circumstances and giving their children a shot at education. I, too, could relate to what homelessness means firsthand - in 1991 during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait (which I consider home), I, along with thousands of others, spent many months in the war zone, several weeks of which were spent homeless in Iraq and Jordan. I know what it is like to be displaced, to feel terror, fear, anxiety, and complete uncertainty about the future. I was 13 at the time.”

— Oormila Prahlad

Read more about the artist, Oormila, on our blog!

  • 12"x 12" 
  • Each sold separately

Each painting serves a much larger purpose than supporting our financial sustainability and allowing us to continue with our work - it's a conversation starter which helps spread awareness about us and our mission to end homelessness!

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