Alisha and Sanya successfully collected donations for 100 WeatherHYDE tents for Rohingya Crisis refugees.

If you still wish to contribute to WeatherHYDE and billionBricks' projects, visit our shop or click on the link below to get an update on the campaign

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weatherhyde emergency tent for the homeless

A fully insulated and lightweight all-weather tent that provides maximum privacy, and protects from extreme weather - the only reversible tent that protects in both winter and summer. It is woman friendly and enables a single person, tool-less installation within 15 minutes without any need for anchoring.

A high-quality tent designed for homeless families that serves a universal purpose making it perfect for outdoor, camping and recreational use.

WeatherHYDE in Delhi
WeatherHYDE in Delhi


The innovative use of a triple layered flysheet makes it extremely suitable for extreme weather conditions. The reflective layer traps a family's body to heat for warmth, and reflects solar heat for summers.



Designed to suit all kinds of activities, whether for camping, road trips, picnics, festivals, you name it! Kids love to assemble it, and study and play in it. You can feel much safer, and instead focus on spending quality time together.


Developed using simple yet high-quality materials, and stitched with expert techniques. WeatherHYDE has been tested in various controlled and uncontrolled environments, and has received overwhelming positive user feedback.


As we are a non-profit organisation, your WeatherHYDE purchase enables you to help a homeless family get protection with their own WeatherHYDE. Whether you choose to gift one or purchase one for yourself, it will go a long way in helping a family in need.


WeatherHYDE's triple layer skin blocks light and doesn't cast embarrassing shadows for those using it from the inside. The fully enclosed weatherHYDE provides privacy and a safe haven for women, their children and families.


The sturdy design allows weatherHYDE to be deployed in tough conditions. We added weight to the frame to eliminate the need for anchoring. Reflective details and bright colors increase urban visibility and night safety.


The simplicity in its manufacturing makes it most affordable to low incomes families, allowing ownership and stewardship through simple payment schemes. It also makes local production possible as we scale up, creating more jobs.


How you can support our mission

HYDE products are designed with a vision to provide a home to every homeless in the world.

Every product has a purpose, and each purchase on our website contributes towards our our mission of ending homelessness. By gifting a HYDE product to a homeless family, getting one for yourself, or purchasing merchandise, you could help save the lives of the homeless, help spread awareness on our mission, and tie the billionBricks community together. 


We are a non-profit design studio, and are centered and driven by our mission to end homelessness. As such, we constantly strive to align all our work towards its achievement.


Giving value to our relationships - with our customers, beneficiaries, partners and sponsors - we are committed to provide up to date information on the impact which we are all making as one community. 

Social Good

We cannot achieve our mission on our own. Hence, we invite you to join our community, and spread the word, to help provide opportunities for the homeless get out of poverty.





Lil Wayne on WeatherHYDE

"This could save millions of lives."

- Lil Wayne, American hip hop recording artist and author

Ashton Kutcher on WeatherHYDE

"This is innovation at its finest."

- Ashton Kutcher, American actor, producer and investor

David Wolfe on WeatherHYDE

"This life-saving tent for the homeless can withstand extreme weather."

- David Wolfe, American author

Stories and videos on WeatherHYDE went viral in 2016 with more than 40 million views!